February 1st at 7:05 a.m. I stood facing east, taking a picture of the sunrise through the entrance gates to Everglades National Park. This was the first time I chased the sun during my residency with the AIRIE program. My days were tethered to capturing the “scientific” sunrise and sunset from the same geographic point. The specific location changed every day, as I ventured further in and out along the Main Park Road. The images from each day have since been digitally woven together.

Sara Rabinowitz

In flux, encountering relationships of all types, my practice mirrors the life cycle of materials. Makers of all kinds participate and relish in the emergence of a complex balance of power in a social space where dialogue determines the development of production. As with the construction of cloth, I utilize repetitive process as a foundation that accumulates into resulting structures. The form of objects and installations shift as collaborators come into contact with the process and negotiate the work. Pieced blocks, warp and weft threads, and graphic motifs become the document of building a conversation of social units and responsiveness. I ask that those who collaborate with me add to or change this repetition through their participation. Flux in the work continues as the exhibited projects extend out as an invitation delivered from the work itself. The possibility to build collaboratively continues by growing a field of goldenrods, taking cots out of the gallery for public displays of leisure, or rocking into balance with a stranger. A united process builds a platform for difference that connects and illustrates the forum for rethinking symmetrical power.