Sara Rabinowitz
Wind-UpWind-Up Practice SessionWind-UpWind-UpWind-Up Practice SessionWind-UpWind-UpWind-UpWind-Up Practice SessionWind-Up
Wind-Up is one of three interrelated projects in Anne Wilson's exhibition at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, (January 25 - March 1, 2008). This sculpture actualizes on a physical human scale one of the perceptual principles operating in Wilson's Portable City. A 17' x 7' warping frame is sited in the front gallery space facing the Peoria street window, and holds a 40 yard weaving warp. As a performance and sculpture, Wind-Up represents multiple positions. The labor to perform the warp (accomplished by multiple collaborators) results in a sculptural presence within the gallery site for the duration of the exhibition. The frame also functions to create an actual useful warp that will be woven into cloth in another performative action following the close of the exhibition. This next evolution of the project is under the direction of Sara Rabinowitz in collaboration with Wilson and other artists.