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Dependant on our equal weight to stretch warp threads through a gallery wall Michelle Tupko and Sara Rabinowitz perform a call and response weaving. Brocaded into the fabric is the double headed eagle/ airplane symbol repeated and symmetrical.
(notes from the script)
We do not have stories like that kind of story.
Right, which is why it makes me a little nervous to use the double-headed eagle, even though I like it too.
Right, maybe we should find a different symbol.
A contemporary symbol.
I don’t think we really have any symbols
!: Hard shed time?
@: Hard shed time.
!: Can you give me a little more tension?
@: Ok?
!: A little more.
@: Can you take a step back?
!: Ok, that’s good. Ok, I’m going to go up this one.
@: This one?
!: No, this one.
@: This one?
!: Mmmhmm. And I’m going to go back down…this one.
@: This?
!: Yes…Ok, and I’m passing my warp.
@: Passing my warp.
!: Soft shed time.
@; Soft shed time.
!: Woah woah. Wait a minute, wait a minute, I dropped the needle. Hold on, I’m going to lean back…

Double Harness Backstrap Loom
Double Harness Backstrap Loom
Loom, Mason Line, Paint Roller, PVC